Thursday, August 23, 2012


Q : I want to take pictures of naked ladies. how did you get started?

A  : I walked up to someone and asked her. it also helps if youre not weird and creepy and you respect women, particularly the women you photograph. it ALSO helps if you dont want to take pictures of naked ladies. You should want to do something more ambitious. I want to create art. thats MY goal. not everyone sees that, but who cares. do what you love, be honest with yourself, and the rest is cake.

Q : how do you get hot women to get naked for you?

A : by not looking at it that way. 

Q: whats your relationship to your models?

A : mostly, thats none of your business, but otherwise, i do my best to befriend them and get to know them, at least a little. thats important to me because its a part of the work but also because im someone who cares about people in general, and the women i work with in particular. im more focused on finding and working with a core group of women who like working with me and who i like working with, who we share mutual trust and respect, and who want to be a part of this. 

Q : why do you want to take my picture?

A : because youre interesting looking. because youre beautiful. because youre sexy. and not in that sorority girl bland same old same old way that everyone else likes to shoot. i think youd bring something to the table. something different. something honest. thats what this is about.

Q : but im not a model

A : good, i dont want you to be. I want to photograph WOMEN, not models. even the models i do photograph are wonderful enough to let go of that and let themselves be vulnerable. at the end of the day, the work is about vulnerability, not sex, really. we are at our most vulnerable in the bedroom, and i want to show that.

Q : will i get paid?

A : probably not. i generally dont pay people. some people do and thats great. some photographers expect YOU to pay them and that, to me is weird. but to me, this is about the work, not the money. this is a labor of love and i look for people who want the same thing. people who are doing it for the love of creating something that transcends what you see everyday, that transcends porn and erotica and art and becomes something else.

Q : what do you get out of it?

A : not money, thats for sure. the internet generation makes it hard to do what i do and get paid decently for it. some people make money, but many of those people have day jobs that sustain them and allow them to invest more money into the venture. i dont really have that. what little i make is through the sale of prints and books. that money then gets reinvested into the work. why do i do this? because i genuinely do not care about money. sure, itd be great to get paid for doing what you love, but if i dont, should i stop? im proud of what i do. i believe in it. and i cant stop doing it. creating a story in a photograph is something im good at and it is my passion. its what i want to be remembered for.  not because i was really good at screwing people out of money, or because i could conjure up data easily, or sit at a desk for 8 hours pretending to be busy, or whatever else people make money doing.

Q : i really want to work with you, but i dont do nudes, and i want you to shoot me like this other photographer shoots

A : i understand where youre coming from, but look at my work. this is what i do. this is my thing. i dont want you to compromise yourself anymore than you wont want me to compromise myself. also, im not X photographer. i dont want to be like them. and i shouldnt be like them. if you want to work with me, you should want me to be me. and id want you to be you.


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